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Snyder Park Golf closing courses approved

Snyder Park Golf strong closing Courses approved Board members as 5-2 closing support Snyder Park Golf Course. Maureen Massaro, Shawn Jackson, Sabrina Tackett, Jim Kincaid and Holiday decided to close the program, Snyder Park, while members of Jack Reynolds and Mike Calabrese voted against … Read more about Dayton Daily News
Game-Improvement Irons Editor’s Note: GolfDigest.com show winners in the various categories in the 2014 Hot List every day from January 22. Listed in alphabetical order | (L) Low Handicap | (M) Middle handicap. Slide presentation. Pause. Before. 1 of 11. Next. Read more about GolfDigest.com

Host Scott Stallings longer than Challengers to win Round III “Tiger is the one that makes me want to play golf,” said Stallings. “At that moment I stopped everything every sport I play and say what I want to go and do.” Seventeen years and two PGA Tour victories by Stallings, 28, came out of … Read more about Golf Channel